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  1. Hello, my name is Rhonda Blackman and I live in New York State and trying to help someone. I am seeking help in locating an obituary that has been terribly hard to find online. I have tried all online paid and unpaid sources and I was not able to locate it. Would it be possible for you to conduct a search in your newspapers within your library? Any help would be appreciated. The following information is all I have.

    Henrietta I. Stanley was buried on the 30 Jan. 1893. And without a burial record or a death certificate …this is what family says..Because I can’t find either on her. She was only fifteen and a half years old when she died. And my family records say of injuries she received in an accident. And i’ve tried for years to find a death record in Berkshire, Vt. says they have none on her and I couldn’t find one there when I went north and search myself for records. The State Archives say they don’t have a record of her death either. So I’m trying to find out where she died so I can obtain a death record. When she died she lived right there in Berkshire, Vt. and her family continued living there long after she had died. The Berkshire, Vt. Town Clerk and the Berkshire Historical society along with myself don’t understand why we can’t find a death record on her… buried on the 30 Jan. 1893? So need to find a death record or a burial record on Henrietta Stanley?

    Rhonda Blackman
    Watertown, N.Y.


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