Ada of Enosburg

On July 25th, 2016 from 2:00-4:00 p.m., Deb Massey will do a brief presentation, Ada of Enosburg, written by her mother, Cynthia Wriston Massey at the Enosburgh Public Library. The story is about Ada Tyler who was Cynthia’s grandmother and the life and times of that era. Signed copies of the book will be available for those who would like one, and refreshments will be available.


Cynthia Massey charts with a deft hand the social and psychological hills and valleys of
lives along the course of the Missisquoi River in Franklin County, Vermont. Fortunately letters have been saved for generations, making it possible to put together the essence of her familys lives and fortunes. The Northwest Kingdom of Vermont is the author's moniker for colorful and vibrant times in a developing territory. Ada of Enosburg is far more than a memoir. Imaginary vignettes of "a day in the life of" create fascinating epochs for all readers. Events become vivid through descriptive language, intimate comments and family photographs. You will feel that you have been sugaring, you have gone on winter picnics, you wore the clothing of the time, rode excursion trains and experienced old-time remedies. Step into nearly 100 years of the Northwest Kingdom of Vermont.—Provided from the back cover of the book.

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