GFL: Last Day and Celebration!!

It has been such an awesome ride with the Gardens for Learning program! Today was sadly our last day for the summer. We enjoyed each and every single moment with all of you! We started off with lunch and then Karoline read The Vegetables We Eat. After, the kids decorated their recipe books! Then everyone helped Karoline get ready for prepping the up for the parents, to show them what we have learned through out the program. When they finished that, everyone on got ready and prepped on cooking! We started off with prepping for the Zucchini Latkes, then zoodled Zucchini for the Zucchini  Spaghetti, and harvested cabbage, carrots, onions, and lettuce greens for the Summer Cabbage Salad. Then the parents, grandparents, child care providers,  and everyone started rolling on in for the Celebration! The children gave them a tour showed them what they did, even did an erosion project for them! After everyone ate they made their own ice cream!

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