Day 7 of Gardens for Learning!

Sitting down during lunch we all listened to Karoline read a fun little story, Diary of a Worm. Then we had them pick paper bags to go on a bug hunt around the garden! After we gathered veggies, leaves and bugs to decorate our plain white shirts with. We laid down the shirt and placed the items on top. Then each walked around and sprayed clothing dye all over them. We then had to prep for the end of program celebration. So we had them use paint to make hand prints all over the potato sack bags. After we all washed up, they all colored in some bug pictures and made their own puppets! Then of course, the kid’s harvested lettuces and carrots for snack time!


You’re Invited!

We’re almost to the end of the Gardens for Learning Program. I have to say it was a wonderful success! We learned so much from our first year, and this year has definitely grown! The kids had so much fun! We are very thankful for the GFL Grant Program for making this happen, and helping us get the resources we needed to teach these wonderful kids about gardening and everything around it! Thank you to Hunger Free Vt and Enosburg Elementary for providing lunches for the program! Thank you to all who donated toward our cause, the local Sticks & Stuff, Bates, ACE Hardware, people of the community who helped donated plants,garden tools and so much more!

With that being said, we would love to invite our amazing community together and Celebrate the kids and the amazing job they have done this year! August 1st from 2pm-3pm. We will have display’s of what they have learned, garden fresh food and games to play!

Day 6 GFL w/ Mr.K!

First thing we did after lunch was have the children make Invitations to our End of Program CELEBRATION  for the parents. Then Mr.K showed and did a puppet show for them on how Maple Seeds can travel. After the show he showed everyone how t make their own helicopter. When he left we created a carrot craft. Karoline then read them some books, Muncha! Muncha! and Creepy Carrots. Then we all gathered and prepped for snack time. We made Carrot Zoodles cooked/steamed in water, butter, parsley and rosemary. And it was a HIT!


Day 5 of GFL How Seeds Travel w/ Bob!

After our lunch we were ready for Bob! He started with reading the kids a book on different types of seed travel, and different types of seeds. He also had one of the kids help him do a demonstration on all the layers seeds have and their growth. They got to dissect big Lima beans and then had them explore different types of seeds in the bins. Bob gave them each a paper cup to decorate before filling it up with dirt and some super grass seed for the kids to water and watch grow! After Bob left, we all walked around the library to collect all the seeds we could and glued them on a graph to see what the kids learned about the different types of travel for seeds. Then we made some seed sponges, and headed inside to make our delicious smoothie!


Check Out a Backpack! Why?

Like to take your family out on hikes and explore the Vermont Trails? Here at the Enosburgh Public Library we now have Backpacks you can check out. Thanks to a grant from Rise VT- Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, we were able to have these bags ready and set to go for our community.

Whats included in this backpack?

  • Rocks and Minerals Field Guide
  • Wild Flowers Guide
  • Insect Guide
  • Birds Guide
  • Mammal Tracks and Scat Book
  • The Nature Connection Workbokk
  • Plant Press w/directions
  • Bug Net
  • Bug Habitat
  • Binoculars
  • Magnify Glass
  • Journal to write down your adventures
  • Tape Measure + Ruler+Tweezers
  • VT State Park Pass and More!

So come on down before summer ends, grab a backpack and head on your way to discover whats in your backyard and beyond!

Day 4 of Gardens for Learning!

On day 4, Bob Engstrom a.k.a The Worm Whisperer came in to show and teach us a little about bugs and worms! All the kids gathered around his piles of worms, dirt, and bugs. After all the exploration and playing, Bob had them make their own Worm Hotel, layered with sand, dirt, food, and worms! While some kids we’re making their hotels others were playing with the bug sensory bin, filled with dry black beans and pasta bugs! After he left we all sat together to read about Praying Mantis, and created our own praying mantis mask.  We all harvested for our snack and made our own pesto salad dressing.


Day 3 of Gardens for Learning!

Another Successful day! While we ate lunch we reminded and went over with the kids on what is good and what is not good for compost. After lunch, the kids gathered and planted beans in a cup. Then, we went around the library to collect some items for our Nature Face craft. Then Mr.K arrived and gave the kids a wonderful puppet show on Erosion! Before we knew it it was time to make smoothies and end a great day!

Rockin’ with Paint!

The kids had fun with Judy for The Summer Reading Program! Started with the book Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry. Then continued on with painting rocks! Stay tuned for next week as we’ll be Rockin’ it out with Panpipes with Mr. K!